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Settled on the Atlantic coast of Florida lies Miami, the seat of Dade County, often called “America’s Riviera”. The city has a global reputation as one of the leaders in finance and commerce, but also in culture and media sphere. Dade County has a favorable combination of conditions. Geography position lead to development of superb infrastructure and a great variety of economic fields of interest created convenient business climate. Miami has strong financial services and currently it provides over 100 000 jobs for its citizens.

Miami’s economy leans on tourism, manufacturing, construction industry, even agriculture, but international trade and commerce remain the dominant sectors.

Florida-Storm-HurricaneHowever, unfortunate it sounds, few natural disasters, such as hurricane made damage, but enabled construction industry to stay active and deal with rising demand for new homes at the same time. Subtropical climate conditions give Miami the great opportunity to develop its agriculture and scores among the biggest suppliers of vegetables and tropical fruits in the United States. It’s worth mentioning that film and entertainment industry play a great role in overall Miami’s income.

There are some slightly smaller sectors, such as industry of medical products, but these sectors show obvious growth year after year.

As previously mentioned, among all these economic sectors, international trade and commerce remain the biggest sources of Miami’s cash flow and income. Partially because of its access to Latin America, which grew into globally influential banking and investment center, partially due to the excellent economy politic of The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, Miami is nowadays in the top layer of international centers of trading and commerce.

The Great Miami Chamber of Commerce was founded a century ago by enthusiastic volunteers and today it is representing a total business in Miami, covering 400 000 employees of its member companies. Thousands of companies and businesses in Miami gathered around Chamber of Commerce in order to support the economic progress of the County. Their major goal is to provide a positive atmosphere for investments, sustainable economic progress and to support in various ways development of businesses in various economic sectors of Miami.

It’s all, of course, meant to increase the overall quality of life in Miami by providing steady finances and guaranteed jobs and wealth fare for its population.

Chamber of Commerce grew over the borders of Miami and its County and today it is playing a role of unique center and focus of commerce interactions among a great number of companies worldwide. At the same time, it takes care 11608_content_Miami-chamber-of-commerceof all social needs and issues of its business community and interferes with all public problems or administrative obstacles its member companies come across in an attempt to do their business with other companies in Miami or anywhere in the world.The characteristic Chamber of Commerce uses to describe the way they prefer their members to look alike and the values the accent when it comes to commerce is responsible leadership, opportunities for anyone ready to work, the synergy of great variety of qualities, so as the atmosphere of healthy business community.

If planning to start doing business with any company in Miami or perhaps planning to pack bags and try your chances in commerce sector right over there, scroll the pages of this blog to find all the information and instructions you might find important and necessary in order to develop your business successfully.

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